Making of Growers Flower Council Of India (GFCI)

“Blessing in disguise” has never been before so true for the floriculture industry than today! Covid19 pandemic has created VUCA situation globally and locally. What is VUCA? Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous! Isn’t it appropriate? The prospectus and survival of our industry is at the stake! The industry; which has thrived well until this year due to largely big fat weddings, grand social gatherings, festivals etc. has suddenly halted!

What do we do? Look at government for support……the State governments and central government is phenomenally tied up to contain the spread of this crazy Corona virus and literally have no time to attend the industry which is so miniscule in the size n revenue! So do we stop growing flowers? Do we give up and put flowers in dustbins? Do we allow cattle to graze in greenhouses? The situation by end of March and then continued in April was devastating. However; there was a group of professionals n growers who did not accept to bow down to the situation and decided to establish a springboard…a sound platform to ensure the existence of Flower Industry of India!

The whole idea of bringing each and every stakeholder of the industry was conceptualized; with the help of group who had decided to bounce back, first on paper and then presented to growers, professionals, experts and stalwarts of Indian Floriculture Industry. Everyone responded with strong urge and willingness to join hands together. The result ……. Today we have established a milestone in Indian Floriculture Industry with “Growers’ Flower Council of India”, a company approved by Govt. of India with the goals of flower promotion and sustainable floriculture growing whether it is protected or open field. Soon GFCI will launch its activity chart and plan of action in this direction. We congratulate Mr. Srikanth Bollapalli (President of GFCI) and Mr. Narendra Patil (Vice President of GFCI) for their valuable inputs to come this dream true.

The strong pillars of floriculture industry are standing together with Mr. Shrikant Bollapally and Mr. Narendra Patil as “Executive committee” members. The body of GFCI looks like:

Sr No Name Designation
1 Mr. Srikanth Bollapally President
2 Mr. Narendra Patil Vice-President
3 Mr. Chetan Dedhia Treasurer
4 Mr.S. Jafar Naqvi Secretary
5 Mr. Atul Saboo Legal Advisor
6 Mr Govind Hande Advisor
7 Mr Kishore Rajhans Advisor
8 Mr. Rajeeb Kumar Roy Director
9 Mr. Utpal Banerjee Director
10 Mrs. Meetha Laddha Director
11 Mr. Rownak Gutgutia Director
12 Mr. Tarun Joshi Director
13 Mr.Ganapathi Chinchole Director
14 Mr.Balashiva Prasath Director
15 Mr.Srikant Kanoi Director
16 Mr.Vishwas Jogdand Director
17 Mr.Mahesh Jain Director
18 Mr. M.B.Naqvi Director
19 Mr. Krishnath Mahamulkar Director
20 Ankurbhai desai Director
21 Mr. Shashikiran Director
22 Mrs Bhagyashree Patil Director
23 Mr Manjunatha R. Director
24 Mohammed Rafiulla General Manager
25 Mr Dhananjay T. Kadam General Manager

GFCI core committee will be an ‘Apex Body” for Pan India operations through its 5 zonal bodies as follows:

  • West zone ( Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa)
  • South zone (Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana)
  • North East (West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Orissa)
  • North India (HP, UP, Delhi, Punjab, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Haryana)
  • Central zone (MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan)

What does GFCI platform brings to a member?

  • To ensure that consumers become and remain inspired to buy flowers and plants and keep flowers and plants constantly on top of the consumer’s mind every day.
  • To work with our stakeholders to develop effective marketing campaigns with flowers and plants in the starring role for consumer uses.
  • To enhance quality production of cut flowers (protected as well as open field) and related input products supplies in the interest of the market and the floriculture industry.
  • To ensure that the GFCI continues to provide value to its members through a new strategic pillars such as: Data Management, Trade Facilitation and Innovation for sustainability.
  • GFCI will guide our growers to establish good agricultural practices as certified producers with sustainable and quality production of cut flowers.
  • To ensure consistent supply of quality and novelty flowers to wedding decorators and florists of the country indigenously.
  • To establish the bridge between industry and the policy makers for transparent and congenial policy for flourishing the industry.
  • To create awareness against rampant use of artificial flowers amongst the end users.
  • To establish E-Commerce facilities for the growers to promote n sell the products.

However; as Mr. Ratan Tata said, “If you want to walk fast you walk alone but if you want to walk far walk together”, we strongly believe in this and appeal everyone to join the GFCI and contribute your inputs to make a dent in the universe; putting a permanent mark of Indian Floriculture Brand.